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What are the legal grounds that could be used by regulators to acquire mandate over the crypto-indus

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Crypto as Security

Cryptos being deployed in a manner that behaves as shares/security. Existing corporations raise funds from the public after complying with regulations that manage investor's risks, which do not prevent blockchain projects that allow their developers to raise funds from the public by releasing their native tokens.

Investor Protection

Protection for investors who get lured into scam coins & tokens. These are fairly recognizable by the lack of any development activity and online communities that act in concert to influence prices.

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion potential through the use of stable-coins which prevent outflow of fiat from the crypto ecosystem. This is going to prove to be a tough one because of the challenges in determining the amounts subject to taxation.

Cross border movement of Value

Cross border remittances and movement of value without compliance with existing municipal laws. Governments of every hue and colour are not going to like the possibility of easy flow of money through borders - which can potentially interfere in internal matters.

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